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Cairns, Queensland Australia

My first time in Queensland, I took a trip  2455 kilometers North East of Alice Springs. It landed me in Cairnes. What a fabulous place. The city had so much to offer but to much of a crowd.  I did not get to stay very long but we packed the day full. If you are only there a short time, I highly reccomend the Aquarium, while small, shows a lot.  Also, if you have the day hours to spare, take the ferry ride.  It leaves from the Pier at 10:30am and 2:30pm.  You can see crocidiles and rainforest.  If you are looking for night life, head off to the Casino. It was fabulous.  If you are looking for a pub on the water where you can watch the sun go down, Mondo's is the place for you. Get the fajata's.
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