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Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, NT Australia

Kings Canyon is situated on Watarrka National Park land along side Kathleen Springs and Carmichael's Crag to name a few. It is approximately 400km Southwest of Alice Springs. Depending on the route you take, you do not need a 4 wheel drive. Stay on the sealed roads. It goes about 4 hours out of Alice Springs. There are petrol stations all along the route. Stop by Jim's Place to fill up and then learn about his family once you arrive at Kings Canyon. Stop at Ebeneezer...get the scones! Yum!!

The Canyon walk is not as bad as they say. The initial incline is pretty rough and requires some good shoes and a bottle of water. The walk is roughly 6.5km but with detours, it is a bit longer. Take the detours. The Garden of Eden is a must. Take your bathers (swim suit) because there is a fabulous dipping spot in the center of Eden. The Canyon its-self is so breath-taking that you forget how long you have been walking. The chiseled red rock makes great photos and the over 100 species of Australian birds keep you looking up often.


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